Selling a Home in Edgewood, Cranston, RI

Selling a Home in Edgewood, Cranston, RI

  • Robert Rutley
  • 06/28/23

The suburban neighborhood of Edgewood is well-known for its tree-lined streets, beautiful homes, and strong sense of community. Nestled between the Narragansett Bay and Roger Williams Park, you’ll find a gorgeous selection of Colonial, Victorian, and Cape Cod-style homes. The community is ideally placed for access to major highways and puts commuters within 10 minutes of Providence. This picturesque neighborhood blends convenience and charm with a real estate landscape that is highly in demand.

If you are hoping to list your beloved Edgewood home for sale, read on for some expert tips from leading real estate broker and  Realtor Robert Rutley of Sotheby's International Realty.

Preparing to sell your home in Edgewood, Cranston, RI

Doing a little preparation before you list your home on the Edgewood real estate market can help you maximize its value and appeal. Here are a few tips, tricks, and suggestions to help you get the most from your sale and achieve all your real estate goals.

Interview potential real estate agents

Not all real estate agents have the same skill set and level of expertise in any given area. Working with an agent who specializes in selling homes in Edgewood and the Providence area will be well-versed in the local housing landscape, with the knowledge and insight to help you receive higher offers for your property.

Talk to Robert to learn more about his experience living in and selling properties in Providence, Cranston, and Warwick and their background in marketing properties just like yours. You want to team up with a renowned professional you can trust! That’s where Robert comes in.

Understand your home's value

Next, it’s time to determine a listing price for your property. Very often, homeowners will either greatly under- or over-value their homes due to emotionality or misperceptions about the housing market.

Having your home valued professionally, using a comparative market analysis, will give you a clear idea of its worth and set your expectations for the negotiation process later on. Your real estate agent is a vital resource, as they are in tune with the local market and can assess recent sales prices of comparable properties. They will help you set a competitive and accurate listing price to generate plenty of interest in your valuable Edgewood home.

How to boost your home's appeal

Want to get the most from your home sale? There are a few quick tips to increase your home's allure.

First, focus on the curb appeal by tidying up all clutter in the yard, trimming the hedges, planting bright in-season flowers, and making the front entryway look welcoming with new lighting. Next, declutter, depersonalize, and clean your entire home so that the spaces look larger and brighter. You want to create an open and welcoming space where buyers feel inspired and intrigued. Also, take care of any minor maintenance issues you’ve been postponing, such as leaky faucets, cracks in the walls or ceiling, and chipping paint.

The best (and worst!) times to sell

The best time to sell your home is when it's most convenient for buyers to view homes. Of course, that’s usually in the spring, as many families hope to lessen the disruption to their family schedule or their children’s school calendar. Plus, selling a home during the spring or summer means your curb appeal will be on point, with gorgeous blooming flowers and blossoming trees. Features like these help your property invite higher offers.

Conversely, the worst time to sell is usually during the summer or holidays. Families are reluctant to move during this time of year because they want to feel settled in for the season. Also, many families are busy with holiday plans or travel during this time. However, if you need to sell your property during the winter, your agent will be at-the-ready with a top-notch marketing plan that will get results.

Tips for staging your home successfully

If you want to maximize the appeal of your property, you'll need to stage your home. The effort is worth the payout! The most essential part of staging your home is decluttering. This is an opportunity to start packing your belongings and preparing for your move. Leave the essentials and anything you need over the next few months, then store away the rest.

Once you've decluttered, clean your home from top to bottom and maximize the natural light. Open the curtains and blinds and flood every room with as much natural light as possible. Bright spaces appeal more to buyers and will make the areas look more welcoming.

Expert staging tactics include intentional furniture arrangement and beautiful decor without overdoing it or overwhelming the space. The goal is to create a neutral, alluring home that buyers feel connected to. This may entice them to make an offer!

Marketing strategies for your sale

How quickly you can sell your home (and how much you'll get for it) will largely depend on your marketing techniques. Luckily, you’re teaming up with an exceptional agent who knows how to generate interest in your property. In addition, you can leverage professional photography to create compelling listing photos that will catch buyers’ attention. Beautiful listing images are essential to highlight what makes your property truly unique.

Hosting open houses

Holding open houses is an effective way to attract interested buyers who want to see the property in person. Typically, your agent will schedule these events for weekends or weekday nights when most buyers are active. Your agent will coordinate and host the open house, answering questions from buyers and showcasing all the property’s outstanding amenities.

Before each open house, ensure your home is clean, staged, and ready to show off its personality to visitors. In addition to open houses, you can offer remote viewing options for potential buyers online through a 3D tour or walkthrough.

Tips for negotiating offers

Once the offers start coming in, you'll need to evaluate each one objectively. Look at the price, contingencies, financing terms, and the buyer's desired closing timeline. You can accept, reject, or counter any offer you receive. If you want to negotiate with a potential buyer, your agent will help you clearly communicate your counteroffer and terms. The goal is to find common ground that both parties are comfortable with.

Handling the appraisal process

If you accept an offer from a buyer backed by financing, their mortgage company will need to appraise your property. This ensures that the mortgage company isn't lending the buyer more money than the home is worth. As the seller, you can be proactive in helping with the process by ensuring your house is clean, well-maintained, and in the best possible condition. Provide any documentation supporting the home's value, such as warranties, evidence of maintenance, or receipts for new appliances.

Under Agreement & Pending

Once you've accepted and signed a contract, it takes around 30 to 45 days to complete the sale and close the transaction. During this time, you'll need to fulfill your obligations as the seller, including providing any disclosures, completing repairs requested after the buyer’s inspection, or meeting other contingency requests. You'll work closely with your agent or title company to complete the paperwork.

Understanding closing costs

Closing costs are always negotiable, but most sellers pay around 3% of their sale price in closing fees. You'll want to get a complete breakdown of your closing costs from your title company to know how much you can expect to pay from the final sale price.

Are you ready to sell your home in Edgewood?

If you’re aiming for exceptional results as you sell your home in Edgewood, trusted Realtor and Relocation Specialist Robert Rutley is here to guide you. As a nationally recognized Realtor, Robert aims to make selling your home as simple, seamless, and profitable as possible. With a concierge approach, he'll put your best interests at the forefront and help you achieve the best possible outcome. Get in touch with Robert to start your selling journey today.

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