Where are the Providence Dog Parks?

Where are the Providence Dog Parks?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love dogs - I will probably remember a dogs name way before I learn their human companions name. Even though I'm in the business of remembering things, I'm not ashamed of this. Let's get to the point, you're moving to Providence (or recently moved - congratulations!) and you want to know where your best friend can meet new best friends.

On Providence's East Side is the Waterman Street Dog Park located just south of the Henderson Bridge and Paterson Park, in the Wayland neighborhood. This park has a large fenced area for all dogs to meet and greet, but it also has a smaller fenced in area for little dogs, or dogs that want a little less activity and stimuli.

Waterman Street Dog Park

320 Waterman Street

Providence, RI 02905

While not a fenced in dog park, per se, The Blackstone Park Conservancy manages a couple wooded areas nearby the Waterman Street Park at Paterson Park and Blackstone Park - this is 45 acres of woodland with trails and I often take my pup, Pepper Monkey, for trail runs. This is nestled in between Butler Avenue and the Seekonk river.

Blackstone and Paterson Park

1-23 Parkside Boulevard

Providence, RI 02905

On the West Side of Providence, just behind the Bell Street Chapel, is the Franciscan Dog Park. This is a smaller fenced area just off of Broadway, there are plenty of benches for humans, and a water fountain for the furry ones. You can Park at the Bell Street Chapel and walk around the corner to the entrance.

Franciscan Park aka Bell Street

275 Ridge Street

Providence RI 02909

Wanskuck Park is located on the north part of Providence, between the Charles and Wanskuck neighborhoods, near Elmhurst. While not a formal dog park, try and tell the dogs and human companions that have been spending their days here for years. This Park is HUGE and a great place for dogs to run, but not every corner is securely fenced in - so keep an eye on your friends.

Wanskuck Park

229 Woodward Road

Providence, RI 02904



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